Addiction Disorder

best addiction disorder treatment in Kolkata

Best Addiction Disorder Treatment in Kolkata:

Prof. Dr. Pradeep Kumar Saha and his Miracle Institute of Psychiatry Kolkata (MIOP Kolkata), after a long time of research and practice, he and his team provide the Best Addiction Disorder Treatment in Kolkata, or else you can say the best drug addiction treatment in Kolkata.

Drug addiction disorder, also known as Substance Use Disorder (SUD). SUD affect peoples’ brain and behavior. After learning the harmfulness of substances such as nicotine, marijuana, alcohol, and legal or illegal medicines, they can’t stop taking them. All of the mentioned substances, also known as drugs, which people unable to control their urges.

Causes of Addiction Disorder:

Sometimes to get relief from other mental health issues like depression, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), they become dependent on substances or drugs.

Though people may have SUD and other mental disorders together, that doesn’t mean these are always interrelated, or one attracts another. After the research of Dr. Pradeep Kumar Saha and his team, we get to know how SUD and other mental disorders stay together.

Family Gene and Environmental factors may be the reason for SUD and other mental disorders: Sometimes, family gene carries SUD and other mental illnesses, but generally, some environmental factors, such as trauma or stress, can cause genetic changes that pass down from one generation to generations. As a result, substance use disorder or other mental issues may arise.

Mental disorders and substance use disorders are interrelated: Sometimes, mental issues like trauma, stress, depression, and anxiety become patients’ life unbearable, so to get relief from it, they use the substances as self-help medications. Though to some extent, they get relief from them. But gradually, they become dependent on drugs which gives them another problem soon. Because of regular taking of those substances, their brain’s chemicals get imbalanced, and SUDs arise.

Overusing substances or SUDs can develop other mental disorders: Over-dependence on drugs may change brain structure and function, leading to another mental sickness. If they don’t have sufficient storage of drugs, then they get furious, depressed, and sweating. Also can’t do social activities due to the addiction.

But the good thing is that if treated earlier, it is treatable, and its symptoms can be reduced. Medications, behavior therapy sometimes counseling may give good results.

Contact Dr. Pradeep Kumar Saha’s Miracle Institute of Psychiatry Kolkata (MIOP Kolkata) for an addiction-free life. As a Best Neuro Psychiatrist in Kolkata, Dr. Pradeep Kumar Saha and his team guide you properly.

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