Mental Retardation

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What is Mental Retardation?

People with Mental Retardation or Intellectual disability (ID) have lower or below-average intelligence levels or mental abilities and lower levels of day-to-day necessary living skills. People with IDs learn and do everything more slowly than mainstream people. Intellectual disability varies from mild to profound. Instead of Mental Retardation, it’s called Intellectual disability (ID) now because Mental Retardation is a negative tone.

Most people’s average IQ (intelligence quotient) level is Between 85 and 115. If people score IQ levels below 70-75, then the person is considered Intellectually disabled. Though it diagnoses in childhood, it sometimes extends to adulthood.

Doctors diagnose the child’s adaptive behaviors and skills, then compare them with other children the same age. They also notice carefully how the child communicates with others, how they dress and feed themselves, and how capable they are of understanding others. Also, watch how to interact with other children of the same age, family, and community.

Symptoms of Intellectual disability:

  • Delay in sitting, crawling, and walking
  • Start talking late or speaking trouble
  • Slow in learning themselves from feeding, dressing, and other regular tasks.
  • Illogical thinking
  • difficulty in solving problems
  • Difficult to remember things
  • Behavior problem
  • Cannot fulfill the educational requirement in school

Mental Retardation Treatment in Kolkata:

As a provider of Mental Retardation Treatment in Kolkata, Prof. Dr. Pradeep Kumar Saha and his team at MIOP Kolkata offer ample scope to control the illness and the risk of ID, like mood disorders, aggression, self-injurious, and convulsions. It can be controllable through medications, Psychotherapies, behavior therapy, and counseling with patients and their families, and gradually its intensity gets reduced. Don’t feel down or demotivated, whenever you feel Your child has Intellectual disability (ID), then do not delay, must visit the Best Neuro Psychiatrist in Kolkata.

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