5 Secrets: How Dementia Patients Can Live Happy Lives with Care

Dementia is a disease of forgetfulness. It makes a person feel helpless and anxious because they tend to forget things easily.

This disorder is widespread among aged people. So, medical providers and caregivers must give patients with dementia the best attention and care possible.

By choosing the Best Dementia Treatment in Kolkata, you can gift your loved ones a happy and peaceful life.

Also, some lifestyle changes and healthy habits can help the victim fight dementia smartly and confidently.

Here are five tips and ways.

Table of Contents
 Dementia and caregiving
 5 ways to come out of dementia
 Conclusion
 AQs

Dementia and Caregiving

A patient with dementia always needs the best care and attention. Whether you appoint the Best Neuro Psychiatrist in Kolkata or do everything yourself, you must first understand their emotional and psychological needs.

Also, it is essential to take care of your mental health as you face some psychological issues suddenly while taking care of the patient.

Take care of everything, from your wellness and finances to the person you have to handle daily. This way, you can give the patient with dementia the care and support he or she truly deserves.

5 ways to come out of dementia
So, someone close to you has dementia, and you feel lost while looking after that person. Follow these 5 tips and hacks, and you can care for your loved one as nicely as possible.

Best Dementia Treatment in Kolkata
  1. Become a good friend:
    If you have to care for a dementia patient, you first have to become a good friend of that person. Talk to them like friends and let them express their emotions to you how they like. This way, you can make the victim comfortable and relaxed.
    In response, the patient will start recollecting old memories faster than before. Also, make your dementia friend laugh by cracking jokes or reading funny books. This way, you can help them overcome dementia quickly.
  2. Joyful activities are important:
    There must be some activities that give the victim with dementia pleasure. Try to find them out. Examples include cycling, playing fun games, painting, going on excursions, etc.
    Then, your job is to make the patient participate in those activities to make them feel cheerful and delighted all the time.
    In short, you must try to have fun with the person with dementia as much as possible. This will keep them mentally relaxed and happy, and slowly, they will show some remarkable symptoms with little to no illness symptoms.
  3. Make their lives purposeful.
    Dementia can happen overnight. So, the victim may not be the same person before they got the disease. Sadly enough, dementia patients generally feel very hopeless, as if their life is meaningless.
    So, engage them in things that reignite their lost hope and make their lives purposeful. Do they find pleasure in playing indoor games, decorating the house, cooking, or gardening?
    Whatever the case, involve them in such activities as much as possible and make them feel special every single day.
  4. Look after their emotional health.
    When caring for a dementia patient, it is important to also take care of their emotional health. Note down the things that the victim likes and hates the most.
    Suppose the person likes to light up scented candles all around his or her room. On the other hand, he or she may want to listen to devotional music but has yet to find a contemporary one. It may also happen that the victim is very aversive towards pets.
    Consider these factors and create a pleasant and soothing atmosphere for the patient accordingly. This will help the dementia patient recover quickly from this illness.
  5. Don’t make them feel sick.
    Keep things as normal as you can and involve the dementia victim in activities that make them feel as if they are like any other normal person.
    Let them express their feelings and emotions, both good and bad so that they can release the anxiety and stress that have resulted from dementia.
    Help them to the extent that does not make them feel helpless and become a good person over time. As a result, the victim will find life more meaningful and valuable than before.

So, hurry! Book an appointment with the Best Neuro Psychiatrist Doctor in Kolkata and overcome dementia faster than expected.
Good Luck!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How do you live a normal life with dementia?
A. Eating and sleeping well, staying socially active, and exercising daily are some of the ways to live an everyday life with dementia.

Q. What are the three golden rules of dementia?
A. The three golden rules of dementia are avoiding contracting, asking questions directly, and listening to the victim carefully.

Q. What hobbies reduce dementia?
A. Solving Sudoku and crossword puzzles, playing fun games, painting, listening to music, and decoding math problems are some of the hobbies that can reduce the symptoms of dementia.

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