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Are Online Games Exploit Your ADHD Kids’ Social Lives: Exposed

In this pervasive digital era, it’s almost a given that every person, including parents, possesses a smartphone with an internet connection. Consequently, it’s not uncommon for children to encounter these devices from the moment they’re born.

It’s common to see parents feeding their children while kids are engrossed in their mobile devices, using this strategy to ensure their child eats without delay. For them, it’s a practical solution, but it is a destructive solution for all kids, especially ADHD children.

Renowned psychiatrist Dr. Pradip Kumar Saha from the Miracle Institute of Psychiatry (MIOP Kolkata) advises that before seeking professional help from the best child psychiatrist in Kolkata for device addiction or unmindful Ness, parents should take the initiative to set a time and limit their kids’ use of devices. This proactive approach can help parents feel more in control of their children’s device usage.

Online games have evil and good impacts on kids. Let’s discuss both below in detail.

Table of Contents:

  • Positive effects of gaming among ADHD kids
  • Gaming negative impacts on ADHD children
  • When to visit a child Psychiatrist to overcome the issues
  • Bottom Line
  • FAQs

Positive effects of gaming among ADHD kids:

We always think online games ruin our children’s social lives and education. But that’s not always true. Research says that few games can develop kids’ mental and social well-being. 

Let’s explore some positive impacts:

Stay on Focus: Online games require concentration and attention to progress and win. These games improve your ADHD kid’s concentration and stay focused because an ADHD child struggles with poor concentration.

Stay Engaged: Video games prompt frequent and instant feedback, which helps them to stay engaged and motivated.

Multitasking at a Time: Many video games require you to juggle steps and manage resources; sometimes, games require quick decisions. The games also improve and increase your kid’s multitasking and task-switching skills, which are challenging for ADHD kids.

Improve Memory: Some online games grow your children’s memory, which is good practice and has benefits.

Mind Refreshment: Video games also provide enjoyment to your kids. They also reduce your ADHD child’s anxiety and stress. So, they are suitable for mind refreshment and improving attention and concentration in education.

Video game’s impact on ADHD children’s lives can vary from person to person. So it would be best if you make a balance for your child.

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Gaming negative impacts on ADHD children

As coins have both sides, similarly, games have both impacts on kids with ADHD or without ADHD. Likewise, few gamings are there where kids or teens are provoked to kill animals or humans in the game, so they become aggressive and restless, which are very triggering signs for ADHD people.

So parents must look after this matter and set limits for their children.

Let’s jump into the negative impacts of gaming:

  • Become unsocial with friends and families.
  • Poor social interactive skills
  • Less time for family and friends
  • Lack of interest in other hobbies
  • Lower grades than before
  • Less interest in reading books
  • Less or no physical exercise and gain weight
  • Aggressive behaviors and thoughts
  • Poor quality or less sleep.

When to visit a child Psychiatrist to overcome the issues:

When your child is addicted to games, can’t concentrate on studies, has social detachment, and becomes aggressive, these are the triggering signs of visiting the best child Psychiatrist in Kolkata to overcome those issues or lower the symptoms. They will conduct CBT (cognitive behavior therapy), special education, talk therapy, and counseling.

Bottom Line:

As we know, online gaming has both positive and negative effects. Therefore, we should check the games before our kids play them, like the Electronic Software Ratings Board (ESRB), to make sure they are well-rated for kids and teens. Because games not only negatively impact our children, but they also have positives. Educational games help to improve concentration, social interactions, and quick decision-making skills.

But if your child is too addicted to it, then you should seek help from the best childhood mental disorder treatment in Kolkata, who will support you to overcome those issues from your child. Because ADHD is itself an impulsive disorder, so without delay, you should seek professional help.


Q. Are video games good for kids or not?

A. It depends on which game your kids prefer. However, we have the wrong concept that online games ruin your child’s brain. Few games develop your child’s skills.

Q. How much gaming is too much for children?

A. Psychiatrist Dr. Pradip Kumar Saha from MIOP Kolkata said that for school-going kids or teens, the maximum play time is 45 to 60 minutes on school days, not more than that. For non-school days, the maximum is 1 to 2 hours.

Q. When does gaming become unhealthy?

A. When gaming interrupts your social and daily life, hampering your studies, sleep, and behavior, it shows that online games are unsuitable for your kids.

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