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Checklist to Visit Best Psychiatrist in Kolkata: Unveiling the Myths


A psychiatrist is also a medical doctor who diagnoses, treats, and prevents various types of behavioral, emotional, and mental disorders. 

Psychiatrists are responsible for evaluating both the psychological and physiological aspects of a mental illness. Unfortunately, many myths and misconceptions surround the concept that visiting the Best Psychiatrist in Kolkata might not be the right decision.

Let’s check them out below. 

Table of Contents:

  • Reasons to see a psychiatrist
  • 5 common myths about visiting a psychiatrist
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

Reasons to see a psychiatrist:

There are many reasons to see a psychiatrist. Some of them are:

Suicidal thoughts

Hearing voices



Panic attacks

Apart from that, a patient may also visit a psychiatrist if he or she experiences sadness, hopelessness, or anxiousness, which can make everyday living difficult. In such a situation, consulting the Best Neuro Psychiatrist in Kolkata would be the best decision, as a medical provider can recommend the finest treatments and medications depending on your condition. 

5 common myths about visiting a psychiatrist:

Despite their vast knowledge and understanding of psychiatry, people hesitate to seek consultation from a psychiatrist. Here are 5 common myths encircling the idea of visiting a psychiatrist. 

Myth 1: The person is mad

Fact: When patients with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia visit a psychiatrist, they are often referred to as mad individuals. Conversely, in most cases, such people are more intellectual than normal folks. Bipolar disorder or schizophrenia is like any other mental illness out there, so an open discussion with a psychiatrist about it is imperative. 

Myth 2: Mental illnesses don’t have to be taken too seriously

Fact: Mental Health and Psychiatry branches are already facing many obstacles. It’s high time we get over these blockages, as our brain is as important as any other body organ. So, if anything harms our brain, consulting a qualified neuropsychiatrist is crucial for curing that disorder from the core. 

Best Neuro Psychiatrist in Kolkata

Myth 3: Psychiatrist means shock therapies

Fact: Psychiatrists are generally portrayed in movies in a very wrong way, particularly when it comes to their way of treating patients. There, the patients are shown to be hospitalized and, subsequently, receiving terrifying shock therapies or Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT). It is not correct, as psychiatrists go for shock treatments or ECTS only when they consider them necessary. 

Myth 4: Psychiatric medication is a strict no-no

Fact: In many cases, patients and their loved ones are strictly against consuming the medicines prescribed by a psychiatrist. Just like in any physical injury where an X-ray is done, followed by plaster and medications, a psychiatric disorder is no exception. Stress, anxiety, or depression, whatever affects our brain, may worsen the condition by further affecting our sleep, appetite, mood, and behavior. So, likewise, medicine and treatments are equally crucial for curing these conditions effectively. 

Myth 5: Psychiatrists are expensive

Fact: Many people think that psychiatrists charge expensive fees from their patients, followed by more costly treatments and medicines. It’s a wrong idea, and psychiatrists usually charge affordable fees to their patients depending on their financial condition. They are compassionate individuals and don’t just treat victims of mental disorders for the sake of money. In some cases, you can get treatments and medicines from a psychiatrist entirely for free if you find it too hard to afford your psychiatric therapies.


Debunking the myths stated above has hopefully eliminated all your mental blockages in visiting a psychiatrist. So, why wait? Visit the Best Neuro Psychiatrist in Kolkata today and get rid of any mental disorder once and for all. 

Good Luck!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is it OK to visit a psychiatrist?

A. If you think that you have a mental disorder, then visiting a qualified psychiatrist would be the best idea. Such illnesses can be random, constant, or frequent and can affect the quality of your life. In such a situation, seeking help is imperative. 

Q. What to avoid when visiting a psychiatrist?

A. Some of the things to avoid when visiting a psychiatrist are:

Just stating the facts

Telling half-truths and half-lies

Leaving out important details

Telling unnecessary details of your disorder

Asking them what you should do 

Testing your therapist

Q. What will my psychiatrist ask me?

A. Your psychiatrist will generally ask you questions about your physical and mental health, warning signs and symptoms, family history, etc. Further, he or she will try to get to the core of your mental disorder and conduct the necessary health tests, finally designing effective treatments and medications for it based on their clinical opinions.

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