Best Drug Addiction Treatment in Kolkata

How to Overcome Drug Addiction & Live a Healthy Life

When one gets addicted to a certain kind of drug and finds it difficult to overcome it, it is known as drug addiction. Drug addiction is not a disease, nor it is hereditary that will pass on to the next few generations. 

With the desired level of willpower and some lifestyle changes, it is possible to overcome drug addiction permanently. 

So, if any of your near and dear ones is a victim of drug addiction, give him or her the Best Drug Addiction Treatment in Kolkata and be assured that the person will start living a healthy and normal life very soon. 

Table of Contents

  • Drug Addiction: Overview 
  • Symptoms 
  • 6 excellent tips to live a normal life with drug addiction
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs 

Drug Addiction: Overview

In simple terms, drug addiction, also called substance abuse, is a person’s inability to stop oneself from consuming a certain type of legal or illegal drug or medicine. When a person is drug addicted, he or she will continue to use that drug despite the harm that it is causing them. So, if any of your close ones is a victim of drug addiction, consider showing them the Best Psychiatrist in Kolkata for Counseling and expect the finest results instead.


Some of the common symptoms of drug addiction include:

  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • Failure to stop using the drug 
  • Wasting time in buying, using, and overcoming the effects of the drug 
  • Doing risky activities (driving) after taking the drug 
  • Doing immoral things such as stealing to get the drug 
  • Consuming the drug despite knowing its psychological and physiological effects
  • Avoiding school, work, and social obligations due to drug use 
  • Wasting money on the drug even if you can’t afford it 
  • Be sure to have a regular supply of the drug 
  • Taking the drug in larger quantities over a longer period than what you thought
  • Taking more of the drug to get the same effect
  • Getting intense cravings for the drug other than thinking about anything else
  • Feel as if you must consume the drug daily, regularly, or even multiple times a day. 
Best Drug Addiction Treatment in Kolkata

No matter how complicated the symptoms are, recovery is 100% possible when you seek proper medical assistance. To overcome drug addiction in the shortest time ever, give your loved ones the Best Addiction Disorder Treatment in Kolkata also at affordable price points.

6 excellent tips to live a normal life with drug addiction:

One may think that living an everyday life with drug addiction is not possible, but, in reality, it is. Below are 6 surprising tips that make it doable to live a healthy life even when you have a drug addiction. 

Pamper yourself: Give yourself a shoulder or neck massage, or simply make a cup of freshly brewed tea or coffee. Take a hot bath or shower and see the difference.

Calm your mind: Recollect a fond memory or visualize a calming seashore with the babbling sounds of water. This way, try to find peace and discover the inner child in you. 

Choose the right treatment: Partial hospitalization programs (PHP), Intensive outpatient programs (IOP), and Residential Treatments are some of the treatment options required for drug addiction. So, speak to your doctor frankly and select a treatment that you find the most effective. 

Expand Your Friend Circle: Increase the number of friends who are sober and empathetic enough to support you during recovery and guide you mentally, morally, and emotionally even after you have overcome this condition. 

Play with your cat or dog: Take as little as 30 minutes to play with your cat or dog, as it is a great way to avoid the stressful situations of drug addiction. 

Feel the sun and fresh air outside: Go out for a walk and feel the warmth of the sun and fresh air spread outside everywhere. Remember, the more you connect with nature, the faster you can overcome drug addiction. 

Apart from these way-outs, giving your loved ones the right treatments and therapies is equally important. Needless to say, the Best Drug Addiction Treatment in Kolkata can be regarded as the finest solution in this matter. 


So, why wait? Implement each of the tips given above to say goodbye to drug addiction forever. Also, consult the Best Psychiatrist in Kolkata to get even better outcomes. 

Good Luck!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is drug addiction?

A. Drug addiction is a disease where a person finds it difficult to stop consuming a certain legal or illegal drug or medicine. 

Q. What are the symptoms of drug addiction?

A. Stealing, avoiding work and social life, consuming the drug excessively, and wasting money on buying the drug are some of the signs and symptoms of drug addiction. 

Q. Can I live a normal life with drug addiction?

A. Yes, with medications, therapies, and some lifestyle changes, such as playing with pets, exercising daily, expanding a friend circle, and doing relaxation techniques, it is possible to live a normal life with drug addiction. 

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