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How to Overcome OCD and Suicidal Thoughts? Truth Unboxed

Compulsive thoughts, to some extent, are acceptable. But when these thoughts and feelings cross their normal limits, they become Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).
Interestingly, in severe cases of OCD, the patient may get unhealthy thoughts, as bad as feeling suicidal.
To overcome this illness, one must get the Best OCD Treatments in Kolkata unique to their medical condition.
Take a look at these tips and hacks to fight OCD with suicidal thoughts permanently.

Table of Contents
Suicide and OCD
Potential reasons
Remedies and treatments

Suicide and OCD
Why does a person feel suicidal when he or she has OCD? It’s simple: bad or negative thoughts can make someone uncomfortable or worried for no reason.
This triggers meaningless and negative thoughts in the victim that make them feel suicidal. So, if any of your near and dear ones have OCD, take the following points seriously
OCD can lead to severe depression, which may bring suicidal thoughts to the victim’s mind.
The patient will find ways to commit suicide, which is the result of their obsessive thoughts.
Depression and suicidal thoughts are interconnected. So, if a person has OCD and depression together, they may feel suicidal sometimes.
Feeling suicidal in daily life is also a major symptom in patients with OCD.

Calm down, suicidal thoughts resulting from OCD are completely manageable. With proper treatments and medications, one can get out of such negative emotions quickly and easily.
To get better results, consult the Best Psychiatrist in Kolkata and within a few days, you will feel considerably relaxed and happy with little to no suicidal thoughts in your mind.

Potential reasons:
Some of the reasons that make a person feel suicidal with OCD include:
External Factors: External factors such as stressful incidents in the past, bad experiences during childhood, pregnancy-related complications, etc., can cause OCD in a person with negative emotions such as suicidal or homicidal thoughts etc.
Brain Function: People with OCD have different brain functions. Sadly enough, the subcortical white matter and frontal cortex do not function properly in their brain. So, if you have OCD, consult a good doctor immediately to make sure that your brain has these weaknesses or not.
Genetic Factors: OCD can be hereditary, too. Yes, you have heard it right: genes that enable effective communication and create healthy proteins in the brain allow the organ to work properly. However, these genes can be different from each other sometimes. In most cases, a person may inherit such genetic alterations from an immediate parent or sibling, making them more prone to OCD as a result.

Other factors, such as compulsive or repetitive behaviors that the victim learns from certain situations or unstructured thoughts and beliefs, can also cause OCD in them.
Therefore, you must consult the Best Neuro Psychiatrist Doctor in Kolkata to get a proper OCD diagnosis.

Depending on the severity of your condition, your doctor may ask you certain questions and conduct a few medical examinations after having a one-to-one conversation with you.
Once done, they will plan a treatment and medication course unique to the type of OCD you have. Over time, you will have fewer suicidal thoughts and learn to deal with such anti-emotions nicely.

Remedies and Treatments
If you have OCD with suicidal thoughts, you can choose different types of treatments and remedies. Here are some of them.
Drug Use
OCD with suicidal thoughts is something serious to consider. Based on your condition and intensity, your doctor can prescribe medications such as antidepressants or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) to uplift your mood and make you feel happy.
To cure OCD permanently, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is, no doubt, the best remedy. In this method, the victim is exposed to the fears that make them feel suicidal.
Slowly, they learn to convert these negative thoughts into positive thoughts and eliminate OCD from their lives forever.
Other options
Anxiety management techniques, group therapies, and other medications may help a person with OCD to get relief from the harmful or adverse effects of this disease as much as possible.

Best OCD Treatments in Kolkata

So, why wait? Consult the Best Neuro Psychiatrist in Kolkata today and get rid of OCD forever.
Good Luck!

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: How can I cure OCD naturally?
A: Some of the ways to cure OCD naturally include:
Spend more time with nature
Try relaxation exercises
Get enough sleep
Focus on diet
Do exercise daily

Q: How can OCD affect your life?
A: OCD may prevent you from carrying on daily activities that can affect your social and personal life. Plus, avoiding day-to-day chores is something you will grow as a result of your OCD symptoms.

Q: Is overthinking OCD or anxiety?
A: Anxiety and OCD are equally related to unhealthy and negative thoughts. Such thoughts will only cause you to procrastinate, often leading to overthinking.

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